Grand Session 2018 Instructions



As per the order of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Hon. Dr. Donald R. Ware:

The 2018 registration for the 163rd Annual Communication Grand Session & 136th Annual Session of the Golden State Grand Chapter at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel, CA is now open.

You may register by downloading and printing the registration package; then mailing the completed package and your payment to Grand Lodge as outlined in the package by clicking on the the following link:



You may register online after reading the instructions that follow and clicking on the the following link at the end of these instructions.

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The online registration instructions are as follows:

  1. Creating your account:

    1. You will create an account that utilizes your email as a username.

    2. The next page will ask you for a password. Create a password that you will remember. The password will be saved immediately.

    3. After this is complete the username and password will be your login information once you register.

  2. Profile page:

    1. In the next section, you will build your profile.

    2. Information requested on this page includes the regular registration information.

    3. Some of this information will be used to create your badge. Make sure that the information is typed how you would like it to appear on your badge.

    4. Optional information requested this year is your physicians name and telephone number.

    5. In addition, if you are having someone assist you in completing your registration, there is a section requesting the person’s contact information.

  3. Submitting an advertisement:

    1. If you are submitting an ad and/or picture with your registration, please have the ad and photo prepared to upload during your registration process.

    2. You will see a place to upload your camera-ready advertisement, photo, or may type in your wording.

    3. The section to upload your ad is at the bottom of the “Special Event Tickets” page.

    4. Selecting the size of your ad is on the “Souvenir Journal Page”. Or you can send your ad in.

    5. You can always come back into the system with your login information to purchase your ad and submit your information.

  4. Purchasing activity admission and/or extra tickets:

    1. You will be allowed to purchase additional tickets to any of the events and admission to the activities.

    2. If you are purchasing full registration, the concert/dance, banquet, and promenade tickets come with our package.
    3. You can always come back into the system with your login information to purchase activities and tickets if needed.
  5. Lodging:

    1. You will be able to secure your hotel room during your registration.

    2. You must pay for your first room night when you make your reservations.

    3. You can also come back in the system as long you are registered to secure your room before the deadline.

  6. Check out:

    1. You may use any credit/debit card to complete your transaction on the system.

    2. There will be a nominal service fee for your transaction.




Note: There will be 5% service fee with every transaction

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Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California